My vimrc, I update it pretty often. You should be able to read through it easily with the comments.
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My vimrc

Technically it's an init.vim but who cares...

There are 6 sections:

  • Basic settings
  • Functions
  • Autocommands
  • Remappings!
  • Plugins
  • Plug-ins Configuration

Basic settings

All the sets and options of this kind

TODO: Describe each option


The functions I use.

TODO: Describe each function


Autocommands are commands that are launched automatically when certain actions (such as opening a buffer, writing a file, etc.) are executed.

TODO: Describe each autocmd


My remappings that I use all the time, I use as my leader key.


My beloved plugins, they are loaded last because I had issues otherwise.

TODO: Describe each plugin

Plug-ins Configuration

Mainly remappings using Plugin commands.