My dotfiles, managed with GNU Stow.
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My dotfiles

Managed with GNU stow

The goal

The goal of this repository is to have one single config across all the machines that I use, allowing me to have a more comfy time developping and using various apps.

My ultimate goal is to have only one branch that I can use on Linux and Macos, I'm working on it...

How to use

First, install GNU stow:

brew install stow
sudo pacman -S stow
sudo apt install stow

Then, clone this repository anywhere (I clone it in ~/dotfiles/), cd into it, and gnu stow *!

It will create symbolic links for every file in there, recreating the folder structure as needed.

You can select which folders you want to import, for example, if you only want to import the Vim config, just gnu stow vim and you're done.

Side note: It will not replace any files already present


I heard about GNU stow thanks to Wolfgang's channel, it is an amazing channel and you should definitely check it out.