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# Wassup default configuration file.
# Copy it in the same folder and name it "config.toml" before editing.
# The email address that will be displayed to all recipients (From: header)
send_as_email = ""
# The email address' display name (also in the From: header)
send_as_name = "My Newsletter"
# The account that is authorized to send emails from the address above
# If you don't know, use the send_as_email address.
sender_email = ""
# The mail account password.
sender_password = "mysup3rv3rys3cur3p4ssw0rd"
# People will send a mail to this address to unsubscribe.
# Ensure its validity. (List-Unsubscribe: header)
unsubscribe_email = ""
# The address people *should* use if they want to reply.
# If you don't know, use the send_as_email address.
reply_to = ""
# Your mail server address.
server_address = ""
# Your mail server submission port.
server_port = 587
# Your email template in plaintext
path_template_txt = "Newsletter-template.txt"
# Your email template in HTML
path_template_html = "Newsletter-template.html"
# Your mailing list. One email address per line.
path_address_list = "./email-list.txt"
# Use this if you want the software to decrypt your address list.
is_encrypted_addresses = false
# If your email list is encrypted, specify the private key.
# Else, leave empty.
email_privkey = "../../newsletter-private-key.der"