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use std::{fs::File, os::unix::prelude::AsRawFd};
use nix::{
libc::{c_ulong, ioctl},
use crate::{error::IoctlError, config::MAGIC_WRITE_CL, config::MAGIC_WRITE_UW};
fn write_int(file: &File, data: u32, request_code: c_ulong) -> Result<(), IoctlError> {
let fd = file.as_raw_fd();
let data_ptr: *const u32 = &data;
let res = unsafe { ioctl(fd, request_code, data_ptr) };
let _ = Errno::result(res)?;
macro_rules! ioctl_write_int {
($name:ident, $id:expr, $seq:expr) => {
pub fn $name(
file: &::std::fs::File,
data: u32,
) -> ::std::result::Result<(), crate::error::IoctlError> {
let request_code =
::nix::request_code_write!($id, $seq, ::std::mem::size_of::<*mut u32>());
write_int(file, data, request_code)
// Write clevo
ioctl_write_int!(cl_fanspeed, MAGIC_WRITE_CL, 0x10);
ioctl_write_int!(cl_fanauto, MAGIC_WRITE_CL, 0x11);
ioctl_write_int!(cl_webcam_sw, MAGIC_WRITE_CL, 0x12);
ioctl_write_int!(cl_flightmode_sw, MAGIC_WRITE_CL, 0x13);
ioctl_write_int!(cl_touchpad_sw, MAGIC_WRITE_CL, 0x14);
ioctl_write_int!(cl_perf_profile, MAGIC_WRITE_CL, 0x15);
// Write uniwill
ioctl_write_int!(uw_fanspeed, MAGIC_WRITE_UW, 0x10);
ioctl_write_int!(uw_fanspeed2, MAGIC_WRITE_UW, 0x11);
ioctl_write_int!(uw_mode, MAGIC_WRITE_UW, 0x12);
ioctl_write_int!(uw_mode_enable, MAGIC_WRITE_UW, 0x13);