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Yet another tool to control your TUXEDO Computers fans.

This is a community project. It is not developed or supported by TUXEDO Computers. It is based on the work of AaronErhardt licensed under GPLv2.

This software may work on other Clevo-branded laptops like system76.


Their laptops does not regulate their fan properly.

I have experienced the following irregularities with my model (Aura 15 Gen1):

  • The fan is loud when idle (it defaults at 30% speed at all times).
  • The fan sometimes does not start when it should (it stays at 30% speed even if theres heavy load and the temperature raises at 80°C)
  • Fan control is quite binary: when the fan actually starts, it kinda shifts between 30% and 90% speed.

TUXEDO has released a tool to control fan speed, it consumes approximately 5% CPU and lots of RAM when idle. It is also written in TypeScript (along with an electron frontend), and I feel personally quite uncomfortable running bloated JavaScript applications with full root rights in background.

So heres a Rust™ app.


I am not responsible for any damage this software may cause to your computer.

Be aware that this software will run as root and interact with low-level APIs to control your computer fans.

A bad configuration or a some bug may cause overheats and permanent hardware damage.

The software is in development state (not even alpha). It is suited for testing purposes only.

How to use

  1. cd tuxedo_fancontrol
  2. Edit config.toml to adjust it to your needs. Dont edit if you dont know what you are doing.
  3. cargo run --release and just leave it alone.

There are no instructions to run it in background with a systemd service yet (feel free to contribute).

The algorithm

I suck at math, so I did not use any standard / existing math algorithm to control fans. I reinvented the wheel again. Just read the code.

If youre willing to implement some trusty fan control algorithm, here are some hints:

The current algorithm uses some magic nonsensical numbers as key indicators. It is meant to be improved. Feel free to edit it yourself.