• Stable 1.4.0 730a023e55


    neil released this 7 months ago | 6 commits to root since this release

    Breaking changes

    • Update your custom CSS code following the setup guide.
    • The AppOrder app is not required anymore (#34)


    • Compatibility for Nextcloud 21.0.1
    • Admin redirection process has been completely reworked (#27)
      • "Create a form" button no longer redirects to /apps/forms, it now generates a new link
      • An "Access your forms" button has been added on the index if you have cookies (#30)


    • sncf cookies now uses actix-session to handle public and signed cookies instead of parsing cookies by hand (#31)
    • The sncf_admin_token is now always stored in cookies (#28)
    • JS and HTML has been separated (#32)
    • Improved the scrollbar design on the index (#33)


    • The spinning wheel does not keep spinning after hitting the Back button in your browser (#29)
    • Replaced bountysource link with include page for Nextcloud (8fc232d022)
    • Minor fixes