• 1.3.0

    neil 3 weeks ago | 1 commits to root since this release

    Breaking changes

    • Update your custom CSS code following the setup guide.


    • Compatibility for Nextcloud 21.
      • Nextcloud 20.0.2 introduced a serious issue that was kinda hard to debug. It took me a long time to figure it out. I've reported the bug upstream and set up a workaround for sncf.
      • Nextcloud versions above 20.0.1 and below 21.x are untested with sncf, use at your own risk.
    • Compatibility with OCS API changes with NC Forms.
    • German translation (thanks @alpcentaur !)
    • /status.php is now served for monitoring purposes


    • sncf now uses /csrftoken to get the CSRF token instead of /login.
    • Better handling of Nextcloud cookies
    • Actix User-Agent is now a constant in src/