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I often install Debian on laptops, notably during install parties.

Using a script to automate the installation process would spare me some hours of work.

I found a script made by Stéphane Gambus, thanks to his LinuxFr blog post that looks like what I'm searching for.

On this repository, I'll add/remove some parts of this script to do exactly what I want.

I do not guarantee I'll document everything, but I'll try to give out some details here.

Installation process


  • Install Debian: configure partitioning, passwords (no root password)
  • Install drivers, test all hardware (sound, camera, graphics, touchpad, wifi, ethernet)
  • Install git and clone the repository


  • Firefox-install:
    • Install firefox in /opt/ (do not use apt, it will update by itself)
    • Install firefox.desktop in /usr/share/applications/
    • Remove Firefox ESR
  • Firefox-config:
    • about:preferences:
      • General: Make default browser
      • Home: Uncheck Top Sites, Highlights, Snippets
      • Search: Google -> DuckDuckGo
      • One-click search engines: remove everything except DuckDuckGo and Wikipedia
      • Privacy: Uncheck "Ask to save logins"
      • Privacy: Uncheck "Allow Firefox to make personalized [...] run studies [...] send information to Mozilla [...]
    • Delete Firefox account-related crap, including Pocket.
      • geo.enabled = false, extensions.pocket.enabled = false
  • Grub: Set GRUB_TIMEOUT to 1 instead of 5
  • apt: install fish vim vlc thunderbird
  • fish: chsh -s /usr/bin/fish
  • GNOME:
    • Install and enable the following extensions: Disconnect wifi, Move clock, Topicons plus, User themes, Dashtodock
      • apt: gnome-shell-extension-disconnect-wifi gnome-shell-extension-dashtodock gnome-shell-extension-top-icons-plus gnome-shell-extension-move-clock
    • Topbar.batterypercentage = 1, Topbar.Clock.weekday = 1, = 1
    • Titlebars.buttons.Maximize = 1, Titlebars.buttons.Minimize = 1,
    • Install the following themes: Canta, Canta-light, Canta-light-compact, Canta-dark-compact
    • Set Canta-light-compact as Applications theme and Shell theme
  • unattended-upgrades: configure automatic upgrades
  • Remove Evolution, rhythmbox...

Automatically (TODO)

  • Firefox:
    • Install Decentraleyes, uBlock Origin, HTTPS Everywhere
  • Thunderbird: enable the menu bar, remove lightning
  • wine: install and configure wine if necessary
  • Default apps: set VLC as default
  • Grammalecte: install in Firefox, Thunderbird, LibreOffice
  • GNOME:
    • Install the following themes: Canta, Canta-light, Canta-light-compact, Canta-dark-compact
    • Automatically configure dashtodock
    • Enable User themes extension
  • NetworkManager: randomize wifi macaddress
  • Option: Remove all GNOME junk games

Manually (afterwards)

  • Reorganize Favourite applications in the following order: Firefox, Thunderbird, Files, LibreOffice (not Libreoffice Writer) App library, Terminal.
  • Make the user choose a theme among the installed themes
  • Introduce Debian / GNOME to the user
  • Introduce Thunderbird / help the user to configure their emails
  • Set an appropriate background image for the future user