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@import "_variables"
// nav bar
color: white
background-color: $color-main
display: flex
flex-direction: row
flex-wrap: wrap
justify-content: space-around
align-items: stretch
// links, groups of links, and links inside
> a.item, > span, > span a.item
display: flex
flex-wrap: wrap
align-items: center
a.item, .dropper
min-height: 2.5em
padding: 0 0.5em
color: white
background-color: $color-nav-link-active
background-color: $color-nav-link-hover
color: white
text-decoration: none
height: 1.2em
margin-right: .2em
padding: 0 0.5em
position: absolute
right: 0
min-width: 8.5em
// font
font-family: JetBrainsMono
font-size: 18px
font-weight: 600