I'm gonna post the most dumb, counterintuitive, and obfuscated code possible for the 42's 'piscine'. It will be, of course, norm compliant, and working as intended
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42's piscine but fucking dumb.

Hello, this is my take on the 42's piscine. I'm totally not doing dumb shit because i want to procrastinate.


Your code sucks

definitly yes

Can i use it in my own piscine?

If you genuinely use this repo in your own you are definitly a moron. (no offense)

Are you stupid?

definitly yes

I have a dumb idea or i think i can do something dumber

feel free to clone it and to send a push request

Where can i contact you so i can hit you?

you can contact me there : loutre_is_a_moron@kittens.army


  • add subjects
  • add other exercices/days
  • do something productive for once ffs