A backup of my HTTP webserver in C.
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Owl, a web-server written in C

aka the successor and killer of nginx (no)

What it is ? (Or at this point, what is the goal ?)

The goal of this project is to be a fully functionnal and modular HTTP web-server. It is also an excuse/ a reason for me to implement programming concept i find cool.

Expected modules

  • request module using poll (currently on the way)
  • request module using epoll
  • request mdoule using kqueue
  • HTTP parser module
  • static file serving
  • html page generator
  • Common Gateway Interface module

Cool shit i want to implement

  • a thread pool
  • a binary tree/RBTree for file caching
  • configuration file/reader / maybe hot reload ?
  • and more dumb shit that will be added to this list