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SRCDIR = src
OBJDIR = obj
CFLAGS = -Wall -Wextra -Werror
OPTFLAGS = -O3 -march=native
ARTIFACT_TYPE = "static_lib"
CC = gcc
AR = ar
SRCS = alloc/ft_calloc.c io/gnl/get_next_line.c io/gnl/get_next_line_2.c io/printf/ft_printf.c io/printf/ft_vecprintf.c \
string/ft_strnstr.c string/ft_isdigit.c string/ft_strlen.c string/ft_memcmp.c string/ft_strchr.c string/ft_strjoin.c string/ft_isascii.c string/ft_memcpy.c string/ft_isprint.c string/ft_split.c string/ft_isalpha.c string/ft_memchr.c string/ft_memset.c string/ft_substr.c string/ft_strncmp.c string/ft_strtrim.c string/ft_memmove.c string/ft_strdup.c string/ft_atoi.c string/ft_isalnum.c string/ft_itoa.c string/ft_isspace.c string/ft_strinsert.c string/ft_strremove.c \
vector/ft_vecalloc.c vector/ft_veccpy.c vector/ft_vecfree.c vector/ft_vecnew.c vector/ft_vecpush.c
TARGET = libft.a
INCLUDES = include