42sh is a complete POSIX-compliant alternative for /bin/sh and /bin/bash.
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yberramd 613af5cd1d feat(builtin_fc): fc -l [string][number] 3 months ago
LL_parser Fix(error): invalid read 4 months ago
builtins feat(builtin_fc): fc -l [string][number] 3 months ago
expansions Fix(leak): pos params 4 months ago
globing norme 6 months ago
input fix(input): user xterm-256color on env -i 3 months ago
interpreter fix(interpreter): fix g_argv problems v.2 3 months ago
job_control Chore(Norme) 3 months ago
lexer fix(lexer): delimit token 3 months ago
transversal feat(builtin_fc): print characters but not the good way 3 months ago