Remake of the printf C function.
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What is ft_printf?

This project is about recoding the famous printf C function to learn variadic functions and improve algorithmic methodology.

int ft_printf(const char * (restrict) format, ...);

ft_printf can print different contents depending on conversions and flags. You can print using the following syntax:

%[flag][min-width].[precision][length modifier][conversion specifier]

min-width depending on cases, will add empty spaces. Precision, depending on cases, will add ‘0’.

See below what are flags, length modifier and conversions.



c    char
s    char *
p    void * (to print pointer's adress)
f    floats
u    unsigned int
o    unsigned int (octal)
x/X: unsigned int (hexadecimal)
d/i: int


-       Left align.
+       Sign of number always O/P.
space   Positive values begin with a space.
0       Field is padded with 0's instead of space.
#       has different uses:
  %#o   0 prefix inserted.
  %#x   0x prefix added to non-zero values.
  %#X   0X prefix added to non-zero values.

length modifiers:

h       short
l       long
L       long double


You can try our project with the following commands:

First, clone the repository

git clone
cd ft_printf

then compile your file with the generated libftprintf.a by adding in the main

#include "src/ft_printf.h"

and use it like the real printf function.


Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 5 42 42 PM