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Contribute to this project

Thanks for your interest on our activities!

Here are some indications about how to contribute to this repository.


You can translate our website in any language.

For now, this guide will only cover English.

Files to translate

  • The config.toml file contains all strings that should be used in Tera templates.
  • The markdown pages and articles available in content/XXX/ should be translated into content/XXX/
  • The milestone titles in data/history.json.
  • The organisations description in data/friends.json.


  • Do NOT translate if the corresponding asset isnt checked in the Left to write list. If you are unsure, ask Neil.
  • If you think you can improve the original text, please do! Your contribution will be reviewed in any case.
  • If you arent native English, you may want to use DeepL.
    • Please dont blindly copy-paste all your translations from DeepL. Always proofread all translated content.
  • Please follow the glossary below.
  • If you do not agree with one of the translations, feel free to improve it.
  • When translating in Markdown:
    • Use a similar formatting as the original version, especially on bold and italic.
    • Refer to internal links with [text](@/page/
    • For each internal link, specify the appropriate language code.
      • For example, when linking to the FAQ, replace [FAQ](@/faq/ with [FAQ](@/faq/
      • This is very important, else the link will redirect to the French page.
  • This is not mandatory, but please try to use the appropriate typography settings when translating:
    • In English, there is no space before :, ;, ! and ?.
    • Try to use (U+2019) instead of ' (U+27), and (U+2026) instead of ... (U+2E).
  • If possible, try to run Zola to render the pages you are translating and see if adjustments are needed. If you cant because you dont have Zola, please indicate it in your merge request.
  • Feel free to ask for help or advice.


Quick glossary of words to translate in a specific way.

Association purpose and general definitions

Original text Translated text
La Contre-Voie La Contre-Voie
association association (with some exceptions)
numérique digital
logiciel libre libre software OR free/libre software
activités de sensibilisation outreach activities OR awareness activities
éducation populaire community education
Il ou elle / Iel (neutre) They
Son / Sa (neutre) Their

Associative vocabulary

Original text Translated text
Assemblée Générale General Assembly
Le Bureau The Board (sometimes referred as The Bureau)
Le Comité de Contribution The Contribution Committee
Le Conseil dAdministration The Administration Council (now deprecated)
Rapport moral Moral report
Rapport financier Financial report
Procès-verbal Transcript (should we use another term?)
Les statuts The statutes
Le règlement intérieur The internal regulations

Page-specific terms

Original text Translated text
Conditions dutilisation (CGU) Terms of use (TOS)
Rapport technique Technical report
Participer Get involved
Service Liens Links service
Service Schémas Draw service