Rust implementation of gen-indexes
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use std::collections::HashMap;
// Whithout the trailing slash
// (or '/' alone for root)
pub const BASE_URL: &str = "/reports";
// Folder containing generated stats
//pub const BASE_INDEX: &str = "/base/reports/";
pub const BASE_INDEX: &str = "/home/reaton/Documents/42l/base/reports/";
// Relative to BASE_INDEX
pub const MONTHLY_REPORTS: &str = "monthly/";
pub const WEEKLY_REPORTS: &str = "weekly/";
pub const MONTH_NAMES: [&str; 12] = [
pub fn create_service_map() -> HashMap<&'static str, &'static str> {
let mut service_names = HashMap::new();
service_names.insert("42l", "Web");
service_names.insert("doh", "DoH");
service_names.insert("draw", "Draw");
service_names.insert("element", "Element");
service_names.insert("forms", "Forms");
service_names.insert("git", "Git");
service_names.insert("matrix", "Matrix");
service_names.insert("nextcloud", "Nextcloud");
service_names.insert("nitter", "Nitter");
service_names.insert("riot", "Riot");
service_names.insert("rs-short", "Links");