Zola theme using w3.css framework. Used to build duniter.org and monnaie-libre.fr websites.
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Zola theme based on w3.css framework

This zola theme is made to provide easy access to basic zola features with decent looking responsive layout. It also provied an opinionated methodology to customize it.


This theme uses the "include" feature that is not supported by Zola theme manager. It is not made to work out-of the box on an existing site but rather to start a new one from scratch. So first step is to clone it.

git clone

This theme uses Forkawesome as icon provider, you can get it as a submodule

git submodule init
git submodule update

The theme includes a lot of files not as submodules (katex, fonts, demo images...) and weigths 10Mo But do not panic, the output website will remain light!