Scripts to translate Pelican content to Zola content.
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# clean targets
rm -r /home/hugo/dev/zola-duniter/content/wiki/
mkdir /home/hugo/dev/zola-duniter/content/wiki/
rm -r /home/hugo/dev/zola-duniter/content/blog/
mkdir /home/hugo/dev/zola-duniter/content/blog/
# apply script
./ /home/hugo/dev/duniter_fr/content/articles/ /home/hugo/dev/zola-duniter/content/blog/
echo "PAGES -> WIKI"
./ /home/hugo/dev/duniter_fr/content/pages/ /home/hugo/dev/zola-duniter/content/wiki/
# minor adjustment
mv /home/hugo/dev/zola-duniter/content/wiki/ /home/hugo/dev/zola-duniter/content/wiki/
cp /home/hugo/dev/pelican_to_zola/ /home/hugo/dev/zola-duniter/content/blog/