Utilitaire pour indexer des informations de la blockchain et dessiner des Plots. Focalisé sur la toile de confiance. http://datajune.coinduf.eu/
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module StatsExporter
using ..WotHistory, ..Config
using ProgressMeter, Serialization, Dates, DataFrames, CSV
"store computed statistics and manage cache"
struct WotStats # structure containing stats about whole history
T::Int # number of days (time intervals)
N::Int # number of ids
members::Vector{Int} # number of active members for each day
was_member::Vector{Int} # number of ids that was members once before day
total_referent::Vector{Int} # number of referent members for each day
ipr::Array{Float64,3} # proportion of referent reached for each day, for each member id (0 for other), for each distance 1:5
avg_pr::Matrix{Float64} # average ipr over N
member_prop_over80percent::Vector{Float64} # proportion of members reaching over 80% of referents for each day
btw_centralities::Matrix{Float64} # betweenness centrality for each day, for each member (other are 0)
"default constructor"
WotStats(T, N) =
# initialize cache buffer
zeros(Int, T), # members
zeros(Int, T), # was_member
zeros(Int, T), # total_referent
zeros(Float64, T, N, 5), # ipr
zeros(Float64, T, 5), # avg_pr
zeros(Float64, T), # member_prop_over80percent
zeros(Float64, T, N), # btw_centralities
"retreive from cache and set wotstats to date"
function load_wotstats!(w::WotSnapshot)::WotStats
@debug "found wotstats cache, loading it"
old_ws = deserialize(WOTSTATS_CACHE_FILE)
T = old_ws.T
N = old_ws.N
if T<length(w) # not at the end
new_ws = WotStats(length(w), w.N)
new_ws.members[1:T] .= old_ws.members
new_ws.was_member[1:T] .= old_ws.was_member
new_ws.total_referent[1:T] .= old_ws.total_referent
new_ws.ipr[1:T,1:N,:] .= old_ws.ipr
new_ws.avg_pr[1:T,:] .= old_ws.avg_pr
new_ws.member_prop_over80percent[1:T] .= old_ws.member_prop_over80percent
new_ws.btw_centralities[1:T,1:N] .= old_ws.btw_centralities
WotHistory.set_current_interval!(w, T+1)
return new_ws
else # already at the end
WotHistory.set_current_interval!(w, T)
return old_ws
@info "no wotstats cache found, computing from beginning"
return WotStats(length(w), w.N)
"compute statistics about wot"
function compute_wotstats()
w = WotSnapshot() # load snapshot
ws = load_wotstats!(w) # load wotstats, if cache found, use it
if w.interval == length(w) # already finished
@info "nothing to be done"
return nothing
@showprogress "computing statistics... " for i in w.interval:length(w) # iterate from current interval to the end
WotHistory.set_current_interval!(w, i)
ws.members[i] = w.members # number of active members
ws.was_member[i] = w.was_member # number of id that was active
ws.total_referent[i] = sum(w.referent.*w.active) # number of referent member
ws.ipr[i,:,:] .= (w.referent_neighborhood .* repeat(w.active, 1, 5)) ./ ws.total_referent[i]
# sum of quality (referent_neighborhood/total_referent) over active nodes divided by number of active nodes (distance one to five)
ws.avg_pr[i,:] .= dropdims( sum( ws.ipr[i,:,:], dims=1), dims=1) ./ ws.members[i]
ws.member_prop_over80percent[i] = sum(ws.ipr[i,:,5] .>= 0.8) ./ ws.members[i] # numbers of members with pr5 >= 0.8 divided by number of members
ws.btw_centralities[i,:] = w.centrality # betweenness centrality
@info "exporting data"
serialize(WOTSTATS_CACHE_FILE, ws)
"join path with API_PATH"
api(path::String) = joinpath(API_PATH, path)
function csv_write(path::String, df, legend)
write(api(path)*".csv.txt", legend)
CSV.write(api(path)*".csv", df)
"exporte au format CSV"
function export_api_files()
w = WotSnapshot()
ws = deserialize(WOTSTATS_CACHE_FILE)
df = DataFrame(
Dates = Date.(unix2datetime.(w.intervals)),
MemberCount = ws.members,
ReferentCount = ws.total_referent,
IdCount = ws.was_member,
DistRuleCompliance = ws.member_prop_over80percent,
AvgRefReached_1 = ws.avg_pr[:,1],
AvgRefReached_2 = ws.avg_pr[:,2],
AvgRefReached_3 = ws.avg_pr[:,3],
AvgRefReached_4 = ws.avg_pr[:,4],
AvgRefReached_5 = ws.avg_pr[:,5],
legend = """
Dates : dates au format YYYY-MM-DD
MemberCount : nombre de comptes membres
ReferentCount : nombre de membres référents
IdCount : total des membres et des anciens membres (nombre d'identités ayant été membre au moins une fois)
DistRuleCompliance : proportion des membres respectant la règle de distance, c'est-à-dire joingnant au moins 80% des membres référents à moins de 5 certifications
AvgRefReached_{1,5} : proportion de membres référents atteints en remontant une chaîne de {1,5} certifications
csv_write("members+distrule", df, legend)
# api_write("daily/prop_referent_reached", ipr) # daily ipr from distance 1 to 5
# api_write("daily/betweenness_centrality", btw_centralities) # betweenness centrality
# api_write("current/proportion_members_reached", ipr[end,:,:]) # current quality of members from distance 1 to 5
# api_write("current/betweenness_centrality", btw_centralities[end,:]) # current betweenness centrality