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# Albatros theme for Zola
This theme was made for [Duniter]( website. It was then abstracted and turned into **Albatros**.
## Installation
Add the theme as a git submodule:
git submodule add --name albatros themes/albatros
and enable the theme in your `config.toml`
theme = "albatros"
## Features
It has a lot of feature that I could not find time to document yet. Most of the available customization is in `theme.toml`/`extra` section and `sass/_albatros.sass` file (e.g. for colors).
for reference.
### Landing pages
You are encouraged to provide custom landing pages that you can write in `template/custom`.
The theme will take care of the rest (pages organised as wiki with breadcrumb).
### Authors
Each author must have a card in `content/team` folder.
## Support
I'll provide support on demand on [Zola forum]( by documenting the theme step by step.