Manipulate & view LJP calcium imaging hdf5 files.
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Extremely simple class to handle LJP h5 file generated after analysis of calcium imaging data.


One of the following :

  • (recommanded) Clone the repository ( with git clone or with any git client to get updates by pulling. Add the folder containing @FisH5 folder in the MATLAB path.
  • Download the repository (here) and add the folder to the MATLAB path.

It is a standalone package, you only need the @FisH5 class and a HDF5 file. It has been tested with MATLAB R2019a but probably works with older versions.


filename = '/path/to/file.h5';
H = FisH5(filename);

You can then access several properties using dot notation :


Loading data

You can load some dataset :

dff = H.load('dff')

Load only data corresponding to neurons 100, 154 and 25487 :
coordinates = H.load('coordinates', 'n', [100 154 25487]);
or only some time steps :
spikes = H.load('spikes', 't', 1:1000);
Type help FisH5.load for more info.
Generally, the following data is supported in FisH5.load and the viewers (see below):


FisH5.load tries to load input data interpreted as a the absolute path to the dataset, if it fails, it tries hardcoded keyword, if it still fails it looks for a dataset with the input name.


FisH5 integrates some simple viewers with sliders.
H.displayMeanStack : display the volumetric temporal mean with a z slider.
H.displayDynamicStack('dff') : display the neurons filled with their DF/F over time with a z slider and a t slider. 'dff' can be replaced with any dataset.
H.displayTrace(1:10, 'spikes') : plot the temporal trace of spikes for neurons 1 to 10. 'spikes' can be replaced with any dataset.
H.displaySignal('fluo', 'dff') : shows the temporal mean with a z slider. You can click on any neuron on any slice to display the temporal trace of fluorescence and DF/F of the selected neuron. 'fluo' and 'dff' can be replaced with any dataset.
H.displayDynamicSignal('dff', 'spikes') : combine H.displayDynamicStack and H.displayTrace. Also add a time cursor on the plots.
H.displayCorrelations('dff') : display the temporal mean where you can click on any neuron to display the correlations with other neurons on the layer.