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    Version 2.0.0

    The code base has been almost fully rewritten.

    The next version, which will be published very soon, will include further code quality improvements and the ability to compile on Rust stable.


    Database migrations feature has been introduced, but you need to your the database first to make it work.
    Please execute the following query:

    UPDATE __diesel_schema_migrations SET version="20190125012345" WHERE version="create";

    Now it should work. Feel free to tell me if it doesn't.

    • You must now edit the new configuration file config.toml. Please follow the README for more information.
    • If you had custom templates until now, they don't work anymore. But I don't believe anyone is concerned.


    • Automatic database migrations
    • Light theme improvements
    • New dark theme
    • Option to specify a link to the hoster's ToS and contact address
    • Ability to mark a link as phishing, that causes the phishing victim to be redirected to an information page.
    • Customizable captcha difficulty
    • Support for shortcut name blacklists
    • Phishing detection system, based on the number of clicks on a link for a specified duration.
    • Options to increase software verbosity


    • Migrated from Rocket to Actix.
    • Migrated from Handlebars to Askama.
    • Lots of internal changes. Take care while migrating.
    • URL blacklists has been renamed. Please check the repository to know the new names and rename your blacklists accordingly.


    • Admin link route /{shortcut}/{admin_key} now redirects to the new route /{shortcut}/admin/{admin_key} and might be removed in the future.


    • You can remove the Rocket.toml file at the repository root.


    • Redirected URLs containing a hash # and some other characters were not redirected.


    • Reserved characters and some symbols (such as .) are now forbidden in shortcut names.