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<nav class="navbar lcv">
<div class="nav-logo">
<a href="{{ get_url(path="/", lang=lang) }}" class="nav-item white">
<img src="/navbar-icon.webp" width="50" height="43" alt="Accueil"/>
<div class="nav-start">
<a href="/" class="nav-item white">La Contre-Voie Documentation</a>
<span class="nav-separator"></span>
{% set home = get_section(path="", lang=lang) %}
{% for s in home.subsections %}
{% set subsection = get_section(path=s) %}
<a href="{{ subsection.permalink }}" class="nav-item white {% if current_path is starting_with(subsection.path) %}is-active{% endif %}"><span>{{ subsection.title }}</span></a>
{% endfor %}
<div class="nav-end">
<a href="" class="nav-item white">Retour à laccueil</a>