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Due to #13 and various other breaking changes, we decided to not spend more time on this custom homemade script and head to more standard and usable solutions such as [diun]( to get update notifications, which seems more fitting to our technical needs.
After 3 years of use in production, this script is now deprecated and will not be further maintained.
The script is licensed under the MPL 2.0 license. Feel free to reuse for any project as long as you respect this license.
# docker-update-images
Script to update Docker images easily.
- Checks image updates with DockerHub's API (without pulling)
- Pulls new versions automatically from DockerHub
- Rebuilds child images (and their children, and so on)
- Automatically deletes old images
- Automatically restarts updated services
- All information concerning images are written in `services.json`
- 250 lines of Python (including ~20% of comments), easy to read
Alpha stage, but used in production on [42l]('s servers.
Might receive some updates from time to time (see Issues).
### Screenshot
### How to use
**Find a guide here**:
#### Quick start
Want to test it right away without reading the documentation? Alright, here you go:
- `git clone`
- `cd docker-update-images`
- `mv services-example.json services.json`
- `./`
More information on the above guide.
### Script diagram
Here's a [drawio]( diagram representing the script's algorithm. It's not very up-to-date, but it should be enough for you to have an idea of how the script operates.
You can find and edit the diagram in the `.git-assets` folder.
### License
This script is licensed under the [Mozilla Public License 2.0](.git-assets/LICENSE).