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All service deployment files (Dockerfiles, docker-compose, tools) used for 42l's production server.

Folder architecture diagram


This repository must be cloned in the docker users home folder (/home/$USER/core). This path is hardcoded here but should be quite easy to customize. For most of our production uses, this path will be used.


manager register

Creates the manager symlink in /usr/local/bin and register autocompletions for the fish shell.

For the first run, you should directly execute ./ register so manager is effective from any working directory.

manager start|stop|restart|reload <service_name>

Control containers listed in services/.

manager build <service_name>

Build Docker images for containers listed in services/. Can only work if the service has a Dockerfile.

manager image start <image_name>

Start one of the images listed in images/ for temporary use.

manager image build <image_name>

Build one of the Docker images listed in images/. Can only work if the image has a Dockerfile.

manager audit [service_name]

Lists all containers and displays security information and other runtime parameters. See below.

Does not list services containing the .disabled file in their folder.

Manager's audit function


This repository and its contents are under the MPL-2.0 license.