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@ -203,18 +203,21 @@ asso_soc_website_alt = "Website"
act_name = "Our %s"
act_bar = "Activities"
act_pres_title = ""
act_pres_desc = """
act_pres_block1_title = ""
act_pres_block1_desc = """
act_pres_block2_title = ""
act_pres_block2_desc = """
act_pres_doc_title = ""
act_pres_doc_desc = ""
act_pres_list_act = ""
act_pres_title = "Discover our activities"
act_pres_desc = """At La Contre-Voie, we organize awareness activities to better understand the issues surrounding the digital tools we use every day: where does our personal data go? How is it used? Can we protect ourselves from Internet tracking?
We prepare workshops to make these issues accessible and bring the issue of data protection into the public debate."""
act_pres_block1_title = "Whats the matter with the GAFAM?"
act_pres_block1_desc = """The <abbr title=\"Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft\">GAFAM</abbr>, or more generally "the web giants" **collect data** on billions of individuals in order to satisfy their **business model**, which generally consists of **reselling this data** to advertisers.
These giants exert **cultural, economic and political domination** on an international scale, which can lead to democratic abuses, as they have immense power over our lives."""
act_pres_block2_title = "How to get rid of them?"
act_pres_block2_desc = """In our workshops, we give you **the keys to regain control of your data** using **alternative tools** that don't sell your privacy.
However, using technical tools is not sufficient: **understanding how the Internet works** is a major challenge to emancipate yourself in the digital age. We bring this theoretical knowledge in our conferences."""
act_pres_doc_title = "Want to raise awareness in your turn?"
act_pres_doc_desc = "Most of our workshop and conference materials are in **open access** on **[our Git repositories](** : you can reuse them freely. If you notice that a material is missing, don't hesitate to [contact us](@/contact/ You can also find our interventions [on PeerTube]("
act_pres_list_act = "Our activities"
act_conf_box1_title = "Understanding the digital world"
act_conf_box1_desc = """To address the cultural domination of the web giants, it is necessary to look critically at widespread digital surveillance and at the monetization of our private lives.
@ -264,55 +267,103 @@ act_conf_box4_desc = """These organizations have hosted conferences with us:
- [LinuxJobs](
- [CovidTracker]("""
act_workshop_box1_title = "aaaaaa"
act_workshop_box1_desc = """a"""
act_workshop_box2_title = "aaaaaaaa"
act_workshop_box2_desc = """a"""
act_workshop_examples_title = ""
act_workshop_w1_title = ""
act_workshop_w1_desc = ""
act_workshop_w1_duration = ""
act_workshop_w1_level = ""
act_workshop_w1_support = ""
act_workshop_w2_title = ""
act_workshop_w2_desc = ""
act_workshop_w2_duration = ""
act_workshop_w2_level = ""
act_workshop_w2_support = ""
act_workshop_w3_title = ""
act_workshop_w3_desc = ""
act_workshop_w3_duration = ""
act_workshop_w3_level = ""
act_workshop_w3_support = ""
act_workshop_w4_title = ""
act_workshop_w4_desc = ""
act_workshop_w4_duration = ""
act_workshop_w4_level = ""
act_workshop_w4_support = ""
act_workshop_w5_title = ""
act_workshop_w5_desc = ""
act_workshop_w5_duration = ""
act_workshop_w5_level = ""
act_workshop_w5_support = ""
act_workshop_w6_title = ""
act_workshop_w6_desc = ""
act_workshop_w6_duration = ""
act_workshop_w6_level = ""
act_workshop_w6_support = ""
act_workshop_more_workshops = ""
act_workshop_box3_title = ""
act_workshop_box3_desc = """"""
act_workshop_box4_title = ""
act_workshop_box4_desc = """"""
act_booth_box1_title = "aaaaaa"
act_booth_box1_desc = """a"""
act_booth_box2_title = "aaaaaaaa"
act_booth_box2_desc = """a"""
act_booth_pictures_title = ""
act_booth_pictures_subtitle = ""
act_workshop_box1_title = "Tracking the trackers"
act_workshop_box1_desc = """**Trackers hunt is open !** Using simple **detection tools**, find all the trackers on your phone or your favorite sites. Trackers are software modules that spy on your activities. Once their mechanism of action is exposed, we offer you **defense tools** to limit their impact on your personal data or to get rid of them completely.
We also tell you all the secrets of computer security: how to **secure your passwords**? What tools should you use to **guarantee the confidentiality of your exchanges or your files**? How to install a Linux distribution on your computer? We have some solutions to offer you.
Finally, for the most advanced, we offer you a training on **installing free software** on servers.
act_workshop_box2_title = "Tools used"
act_workshop_box2_desc = """
To detect trackers:
- [The Fingerprint Analyzer]( from [EFF](
- The visualization tool [CookieViz]( from the [CNIL](
- The [Audit Platform]( from [Exodus Privacy](
To protect yourself:
- The tracker blocker [uBlock Origin](
- The password manager [KeepassXC](
- The list of alternatives [Prism-Break](
- The [CHATONS]( software
- [Our own services](@/services/
act_workshop_examples_title = "Some examples of workshops..."
act_workshop_w1_title = "Cookies, trackers and personal data"
act_workshop_w1_desc = "Discovery of trackers and protection tools"
act_workshop_w1_duration = "2h"
act_workshop_w1_level = "Beginner"
act_workshop_w1_support = "Computer room"
act_workshop_w2_title = "Privacy, self defense"
act_workshop_w2_desc = "Introduction to advanced protection tools"
act_workshop_w2_duration = "1h30"
act_workshop_w2_level = "Intermediate"
act_workshop_w2_support = "Computer room"
act_workshop_w3_title = "Getting out of GAFAM in three clicks!"
act_workshop_w3_desc = "Introduction to many software alternatives for any use"
act_workshop_w3_duration = "1h30"
act_workshop_w3_level = "Beginner"
act_workshop_w3_support = "Video projector, chairs and paperboard"
act_workshop_w4_title = "Secure your passwords"
act_workshop_w4_desc = "How to avoid being hacked with KeePassXC"
act_workshop_w4_duration = "1h"
act_workshop_w4_level = "Beginner"
act_workshop_w4_support = "Video projector, chairs and paperboard"
act_workshop_w5_title = "Nextcloud hosting"
act_workshop_w5_desc = "Nextcloud software setup using Docker"
act_workshop_w5_duration = "1h30"
act_workshop_w5_level = "Expert"
act_workshop_w5_support = "Computer room"
act_workshop_w6_title = "Install Party!"
act_workshop_w6_desc = "Installation of free systems on telephone and computer"
act_workshop_w6_duration = "4h"
act_workshop_w6_level = "Beginner"
act_workshop_w6_support = "Room and tables with plugs"
act_workshop_more_workshops = "An idea for a workshop? Contact us!"
act_workshop_box3_title = "Understanding through practice"
act_workshop_box3_desc = """These workshops require **no prerequisites** for the most part and are aimed at people who have technical skills as well as people who are **discovering computers**.
Our **popular education** activities are organized in a way that **favors collective participation** and the emancipation of each person.
act_workshop_box4_title = "Our guests"
act_workshop_box4_desc = """
These organizations have already prepared workshops with us:
- [Haiku](
- [Picasoft](
- [Animafac](
- [Parinux](
- [Exodus Privacy](
act_booth_box1_title = "The secret weapon of the libre community!"
act_booth_box1_desc = """
Ta-dam! To **overturn surveillance capitalism**, we found the solution: spread stickers to stick everywhere. On your desk, your smartphone, your computer, your cat... (Not your cat.)
You might see one of our booths at various conventions.
These stickers are accompanied by **many flyers** to explain you the dangers of [DRM]( or how to ungoogle your phone. Otherwise, you can also ask the people running the booth directly, they don't bite.
We receive this material **without compensation** and we have no commercial link with these structures. If you want to send us some for display, please [contact us](@/contact/!
act_booth_box2_title = "Our contributors"
act_booth_box2_desc = """
These organizations gave us material:
- [Free Software Foundation Europe](
- [Nextcloud](
- [La Quadrature du Net](
- [April](
- [Framasoft](
- [Nos Oignons](
- [Wikimedia Foundation](
- [Parinux](
- [Debian France](
- ... and many others !
act_booth_pictures_title = "Pictures of our booths"
act_booth_pictures_subtitle = "*Note: \"42l\" is the former name of La Contre-Voie.*"
act_invite_title = "Interested in our activities?"
act_invite_desc = """La Contre-Voie is a **non-profit association**: our goal is to promote ethics in the digital world to the general public.

@ -4,5 +4,5 @@ weight = 2
template = "activites/ateliers.html"
identifier = "ateliers"
summary = "TODO"
summary = "Practical actions to regain your digital autonomy"

@ -4,5 +4,5 @@ weight = 4
template = "activites/stands.html"
identifier = "stands"
summary = "To protect your DNS queries"
summary = "To reclaim the world with stickers!"