Association 42l
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Static files for the next version of 42l’s blog.

Updated 2 days ago

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Guides de contribution à l'association 42l.

Updated 2 weeks ago

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Updated 2 weeks ago

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Set of tools used to generate usage statistics for 42l

Updated 2 weeks ago

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Link shortener in Rust.

Updated 2 months ago

Gitea configuration files and themes for 42l.

Updated 5 months ago

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Travaux de sensibilisation avec 42l

Updated 10 months ago

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Script used to generate

Updated 12 months ago

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42l Newsletters

Updated 1 year ago

Script to update Docker images easily.

Updated 2 years ago

Script used to check if a domain name has all the requirements to send and receive an email from 42l's mailserver

Updated 2 years ago

Set of administration tools for 42l's infrastructure

Updated 2 years ago